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Wilmoth Ranch is family owned and home to 1,500 commercial and 350 registered Angus cow calf pairs. The WR is situated in Southwest Missouri near the Missouri border to Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Over the past few decades, Dwight Wilmoth and his two sons, Greg and Brent built the picturesque 5,000-acre ranch in Lawrence County near the towns of Mount Vernon and Miller.

While newer to the purebred Angus business, we are veterans of producing commercial beef. We have been “around the block” of beef breeds. For us, time and time again, the Angus genetics have risen to the top, both on paper and in the pasture. In our quest to produce a quality, value-added product like Certified Angus Beef, we have embraced available technology including the genomic testing and intensive record keeping. We have gathered, collected and analyzed years of performance data on the commercial herd of cows and Registered Angus sires used to form our breeding and selection program. All calves born at The WR are genetically verified through Top Dollar Angus.

We focus on continuous improvement and the goal of raising cattle that offer superior maternal and carcass merit, fertility, uniformity and performance. By making use of embryo transfer with both homegrown and purchased embryos, we have been able to obtain the superior genetics from outstanding proven females throughout the entire Angus breed. Using this progressive stance in our genetic selections, we have been able to produce high performing cattle that are adaptable and will perform in multiple areas and climates for both the commercial and registered cattle producers.

While we are committed to innovation and making data driven decisions, we also spend a large amount of time driving and walking through the pastures and pens looking at cattle through the eyes of true cattlemen. We find joy watching the calves grow and seeing attractive, quality animals. Our goal is to provide ourselves and our customers a phenotypically ideal, productive animal with long term economic viability.

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