Somebody came up with the idea that it was time to do a Wilmoth Ranch website. I agreed that this was a great idea and, “Yes! I will get that done right away.”

How long can it take to put together a website? A week or two, right? Well, after about 6 months of working between the cows calving, weaning, breeding, vaccinations and our yearly fishing vacation, grandkids’ events and birthdays among other things, I finally got it put together. All of this couldn’t have been done without the awesome help and relentless (and much appreciated) reminders from my Ranch House Designs girl on the other end of my email.

I manage the office here at the ranch. I’m a grandma and greatly appreciate technology, but sometimes the learning curve takes me a little longer than it does our five-year-old granddaughter. Maybe I should have had the kids do this! The website isn’t as perfect as I’d like, but it’s only going to get better as I get the hang of it.

So, I invite you to come along for the ride. Follow our website, subscribe to our newsletter, follow our Facebook page and know that we love visitors here at THE WR. The Ozark Prairie is a beautiful place to see, and we are happy to show off the cattle we’ve raised. We even host a farm tour or two here and there. We’ve had the Western Livestock Journal Ranch Study Tour, the Louisiana Farm Bureau and a lot of good individual, fellow cattlemen and women out.

Never hesitate to contact Greg or Brent, me at the office or our Ranch Manager, Jeremy for any information about The WR and our cattle program.

Beautiful Day!
-Kathy Wilmoth

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  1. Kathy, my husband and I are truck drivers and get your cakes at the TA at exit 46. We just love being able to get fresh baked things, I cook alot in the truck but baking is a problem. So thank you 😊
    From the Osterkamps

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